Before-after images

After staying up late every night, I started to memorize all of the hair transplant pictures that were displayed on the late night infomercials. The hair transplant pictures are designed, of course, to sell you on the way that the hair loss surgery looks when it is over.

Each of the hair transplant pictures usually has another ‘Before’ picture that usually has a man, completely balled (almost cue ball like) that is sitting there, frowning, looking pretty miserable – and then the post picture has them smiling and happy, with a full head of well cut hair. The man looks incredibly pleased, as though he just won a great deal of money, and his life is now changed for ever.

True hair transplant pictures are almost horrific. Yes, after about a year, your hair will look good enough that you can take these hair transplant pictures. But until that year is over, your head does not look good. For over a month your head is scabby and chippy, and it will itch as though you caught the chicken pox only on your scalp. It is unpleasant and not very attractive.

The real hair transplant pictures look even worse if you suffer from shock loss, which is the expulsion of your hairs from their follicles after they have been transplanted in certain parts of your head. Those hairs will grow back – luckily – so if they get shot out you do not need to assume that your hair is lost forever. But it will still take the standard 3 months that it takes for any hair to start growing again. There is a lot of time that needs to be spent before you are going to get your hair back again and have the same smile that you see in the hair transplant pictures.

The hair transplant pictures do not tell the whole story. They make it look as though the entire thing is fast and easy, and after it is done you walk away smiling. The surgery is good for those that badly need it because they have no hair on their scalp, but it is certainly not an option you want to take if you can help it. Instead, you should always look towards stopping your hair loss before it gets to that point by using a supplement designed to help prevent DHT.

Before-after images
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