About medical travel tourism to Budapest, Hungary

Adioshairloss.com offers solutions to hair loss problems. The main focus is on hair transplant surgery as it is a new way of hair restoration with the latest FUE safe system methodology. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a safe and fast way to regain your old hairline. The FUE surgery is more effective than the old FUT (strip) method and the results are stunning – scarfree, painless hair surgery therapy for men especially.

We target male clients from the UK and Ireland that look for an affordable and reliable solution to reduced hairline. We have some advantages over local hair loss surgery. The cost of hair transplant is lower than in the UK or Ireland – patients can save up to 70% which can be considered as big savings! Currently your price can be as low as Ł0.71 per hair or €0.99 in Euro terms.

Hair replacement clinets need to travel to Budapest, Hungary but this ususally takes 2-3 days and hair surgery can be done over a long weekend. Besides the cheap hair replacement costs we offer superb quality of work with helpful and communicative hair clinic staff that help you overcome the difficulties you may face in a foreign environment.

The hair restoration process is easy. You just send in your mail and we will give you a free consultation opportunity. You will get a personal treatment plan online or you can visit one of the representatives in 6 location in the UK and one in Dublin that help with the details. Alternatively, you can send in images of your head / hair condition to give us an idea how much hair can be transplanted.

Hair restoration abroad options for UK and Ireland patients 2020

Once your treatment plan is created you will be prompted to set up a date and that’s all. The actual hair surgery may 1-2 days depending on the work (2000 graft units may take 2 days) and you need to calculate a day for arrival and another for departure. The flights from both Ireland and the UK run several times a week and the journey does not take more than 2.5 hours. We will look after you while you stay in Budapest – you will get all the help: guidance, assistance, transfers – anything you might need during your stay.

The hair transplant recovery time depends on the individual charateristics of the patients but generally the healing takes 2 weeks. The new hair will be visible after 8-10 months and this is when you can say it was worth all troubles and you will get a new look! This is what we offer and we hope you will take the first step and you will get in touch with us! See you in Budapest, Hungary!

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