Full mouth dental implants cost

People suffering from missing teeth – especially those who have nearly all the teeth missing look for a cheap, affordable solution to full mouth dental implants.  Under NHS this may come to a hefty bill. Travelling abroad for a dental holiday – well this is when you can save about 70% on local treatment costs.

FACT: UK dental costs for a complete set of All on 4 (or All on 6 implants) – a full mouth reconstruction of both top and lower jaw averages £22,000 – £25,000!

Forget about the fact that the dental treatment takes place in a foreign environment – the only nuisance can be the need to travel. Professional dental clinics in Hungary offer services for a fraction of the UK dental treatment prices.

For one our dental clinic offers a complete package to its patients: air flights, accommodation, transfers to/from hotels and personal guidance are all part of the dental treatment package. No worries, no hassle.

Visit Budapest, Hungary for implant supported treatment

Let’s see the details and get some further insights

  • Hungary is the hot spot for dental tourism (about 40% of all European patients)
  • There are cheap and frequent flights from the UK to Budapest
  • Flight (82 / week) takes about 2 hours (Bristol, London, Birmingham)
  • Private dental clinics in Hungary are well equipped
  • Dentists use the latest technology in dental implantology
  • Dental team is friendly, helpful, customer-oriented and speak English
  • Free consultation is available with X-ray (the base for a treatment plan)
  • Personal guidance while in Budapest
  • Expert advise on how to get the best treatment
  • Full mouth dental implants (upper and lower jaw) for £8500
  • No hidden fees

Hungary takes about 70.000 dental patients a year from all over the world! Nearly all of them are happy and satisfied clients of the dental clinics. After care and guarantee are always part of the dental holiday package.

Replacing all teeth in upper and lower jaw is a challange for most people. Get expert advise – our specialists have experience and expertise to provide the best solution for your dental needs! Some examinations are necessary to make sure you are a good candiate for a full set dental implant work (an implant-supported full bridge or full denture) and you can rest assured you get the best quality dental treatment in Budapest!

Full mouth dental reconstruction: fixed or removable denture

Click in overdenture - implant supported fixed / removable denturesFor a full mouth reconstruction many people prefer the overdenture (removable, click-in denture) as opposed to permanent or fixed denture.

Whatever your preference is towards a full mouth dental rehabilitation we have solutions for you and you can get the high quality dental treatment at a much lower level of cost in Budapest, Hungary.

“Implants, which cost between £2,000 and £4,000 each, are regarded as the luxury end of the denture market in the UK.” (dailymail)

Do not hesitate! To get big savings get in touch with us – send an e-mail, ask for a call back! We will make an unbeatable offer and help you regain your healthy smile!

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