Cheap hair restoration

While the price of hair loss surgery has dropped over time, it is still next to impossible to find affordable hair transplant surgery in the UK or Ireland. You will hear a lot of companies claim that they have affordable hair transplant and say that they have lowered their price considerably. But how much is that price?

Well, hair transplants are charged by the hair – that means that if you get 3 to 5 thousand different hairs on your head transplanted, then you have to pay for 3 to 5 thousand hairs. Okay, that would be okay if the cost of the hair was not that great, but you have to pay anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds per hair. That can be up to 15,000 pounds for the transplant.

Why do they consider this affordable hair transplant? Because they used to charge 10 to 15 pounds per Hair transplant surgery used to be a 30,000 pound investment or more. That is why so few people got it done, yet the companies that advertise for it still managed to make a lot of money.

And this ‘affordable hair transplant‘ – a surgery that costs 10,000 pounds on average – is not something that takes several days (which could explain the high costs). No, it is a surgery that takes only 4 hours and you can recover at home. So what constitutes that high a cost?

Most impressively, this affordable hair transplant is also not completed once the procedure is over. After you have finished the surgery, you will have a great deal of scabs on your head, your head will itch a great deal, and many of your hairs will simply fall out and not grow back for several months in what is known as ‘Shock loss’ which causes your first hairs that were transplanted to get spewed from their roots in favor of a new hair.

Low cost, affordable, cheap hair transplant abroad

Affordable hair restoration should not really be an option. It is not really affordable, and it is not very effective or pleasant. Instead, you should try to solve your hair loss issue as soon as you know it is happening – the second you feel as though you are losing your hair, you should start taking a natural supplement to avoid your hair loss by combating DHT – which is the likely cause of your hair loss issues.

Now what is the take on all this? Hair restoration can be much cheaper than that! Go abroad and save 50-60% on your hair replacement! Visit Budapest, Hungary and take advantage of cheap hair transplant prices – enjoying all the benefits of state-of-the-art hair clinics in Central Europe.

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