Follicular hair replacement

What is a Follicular Hair Transplant

Hair loss surgery occurs in a very strange way. It is not that the hairs are simply placed on your head and suddenly start growing. What you are actually getting is a follicular hair transplant – that is, it is the follicles that are being moved from one side of your head to another. Do hairs go with them? Yes, but it is not the hairs that are important and in some cases, after a follicular hair transplant is over, these hairs even fall out.

Follicular hair transplants involve moving follicles. Follicles are not actually hair, but a small crevice that grows hair by synthesizing proteins in a certain way. These follicles are especially sensitive after they have been moved from one place to another, but it is still done during a follicular hair transplant and often there is a hair in the follicle when it is moved.

Follicular Unit Extraction vs Follicular Unit Transfer

There are two types of harvesting (extracting) hair for moving them from the back of the head to the top of your scalp: FUT and FUE. FUT is the old strip method (more invasive, scars left on the back of the head) and FUE is the Follicular Unit Extraction when the hair specialist does the procedure one by one. No scars, no pain – an affordable,  less-invasive hair restoration procedure of 2018.

FUE vs FUT hair transplant procedure

That hair, however, is not necessary a ‘part’ of the follicle. Remember, the follicle grows hair, but it is not a part of hair. So when you get the surgery completed, the follicle may decide that the surgery was a lot to take and it may expel the hair that was moved with it. This is called ‘Shock loss’ and it is a common side effect of follicular hair surgery.

Post operative care and treatment

These hairs will grow back over a period of 3 to 6 months, but for a while you will have large chunks of hair missing in your scalp while your follicle tries to settle in to its new location. Once it is settled it will try to start growing a hair again, but during that short time period after the follicular hair transplant, you are going to want to be wearing something over your head to draw attention away from your scalp.

Follicular hair transplants are still useful, especially when you have had hair loss for a long period of time. But a better plan is to not allow yourself to suffer from hair loss for that long. Instead, you should start treating your hair loss immediately, as soon as you know there is a problem.

FUE hair transplant in Budapest, Hungary

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