Hair restoration abroad

Looking for cheap fue hair replacement price abroad? You are not alone! Many people suffering from male hair loss cannot afford “Harley Street Clinic” treatment…

Hair loss can be a serious issue for all men. When you first notice the receding hairline you start using some hair treatment products for grey hair or hair loss. Rogain, minoxidil and other hair loss remedies sound familiar to most men and some of these products maybe houshold names in British homes.

Some people go even deeper in the topic and consider hair replacement to get the natural look back. They quickly discover FUT and the more advanced FUE hair transplantation methods.

Besides achieving a natural-looking hairline and the right hair density, without scars and pain they consider time and money to decide on a treatment. Technical progress and improvements over the last years have contributed to achieving complete naturalness after the hair surgery procedure.

Hair transplant surgery restoration cost can be high when visiting a hair clinic in the UK – and it is only natural that many of the male patients look for alternative solutions.

Some countries inevitably appear on google searches: Turkey is the number one spot for cheap FUE hair treatment. They go extremely cheap on prices which may include transfer, airfair and accommodation to attract male patients to Turkish hair clinics.

A good piece of advise: always read reviews of hair replacement methods, hair clinic surgeons. Read testimonials from previous patients, visit forums to ask around experience and opinion. Mind you – the cheapest may not be the best for you for different reasons. There has to be a reason for very low prices, expertise may not be as good as you would expect. Check out the results: before and after pictures made during the hair transplantation procedure.

Hungary looks promising as a new hot spot. It is not only cheap (you can save 60% on UK prices) but it is easy of reach by budget airlines. You can plan a long weekend for the hair surgery – and go back to work next week. You can save time, money and troubles.

How do you start your hair transplant holiday?

You apply for a free consultation to get a personalised treatment plan. You either visit one of the consultation spots in Southampton, Birmingham, London, Norwich, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool or Bristol and consult a representative there or you will send your photos of your full head from all directions.

Next you book your flight – that is the real booking for the surgeons in the Hungarian Hair Clinic (to avoid loss of hair tranplant time allocated for your treatment) and you take one of the regular flights from Bristol, London to Budapest. Someone will pick you up at Liszt Ferenc Airport Ferihegy, Budapest. The hotel where patients stay is in the immediate vicinity of the hair clinic – it is a walkable distance!

Why should you choose Hungary?

You have several good reasons to consider when choosing Budapest for your 3 day long hair transplant holiday.

  • free consultation in 8 locations in the UK
  • cheap fue transplant prices (you can save 60% at least) starting from Ł1390
  • hair clinic in Budapest uses the most advanced FUE2 Safe method
  • painless and scarfree hair replacement procedure
  • guarantee in writing for implanted hairs
  • hair loss surgery takes about a day (1 day for arrival and another for departure)
  • cheap. regular flights from the UK to Budapest
  • accommodation is nearby the hair clinic
  • all staff speak English

Should you have questions, feel free to contact us: consultation is FREE!
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