Hair transplant procedure

The hair transplant procedure starts by cleaning off your scalp and numbing the top of your scalp. That numbing is vitally important because there is going to be a great deal of poking, prodding and bleeding that is going to take place during the rest of the hair transplant procedure, and if you don’t get your head numbed well it is going to be a long, long four hours.

FUE hair grafting

The next step is the taking out of individual hairs from the areas of your head that are still growing hair. Each individual hair (along with the corresponding root and a little bit of skin around it) is referred to as a graft. Since each graft is one hair, you are essentially getting three or four thousand grafts by the time the hair transplant procedure is over.

Then, each individual graft is placed in a spot on your head. These days, they also cut your scalp in different directions, so that you are able to make sure that your hair is able to grow in the right direction – something that used to not be possible. Each hair is transplanted one at a time, and about 50 manage to fit in a centimeter square inch of scalp.

After it is over, your head will be itchy and have a lot of scabs, but it should look okay. You may also suffer from what is known as ‘Shock loss’ which means that the hairs that were transplanted get shot out of the root by your follicle.

It will grow back, but it may take about 3 to 6 months, so for a while you are going to have several bald spots on your head that you may need to hide with a hat or something of that nature.

Cost of hair transplant procedure varies depending where you are getting it done. In Hungary you can save about 60% on UK prices. Hair clinics charge Ł0.69 per hair strand which is currently the best price in Europe.

As you can see, the hair transplant procedure is pretty straight forward, but ideally you do not want to deal it with. Instead, you should try to treat your hair loss early.

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