Right candidate for hair restoration

Hair transplants are just another term for hair loss surgery. They are called hair transplants because hair is being placed in the areas of your head that are lacking them. Now, you are not being given a stranger’s hair. Rather, hair transplants use hair that you already have on the sides and back of your head (where the hairs are generally much stronger) and they are cut into your scalp in such a way that they are able to grow in the direction that your hair would grow in those areas if it was still on your head.

Who is the right candidate for hair replacement?

Hair transplantation is always a last resort for people that are suffering from hair loss. It is an expensive surgery in the UK or Ireland, one that you need to pay for by the hair, meaning that if you need 3,000 new hair transplants on your head, you are very likely going to have to pay at the very least 10,000 pounds. Or you can go to Hungary and pay less and save about 60% of the cost in the UK.

Hair transplant candidate - Norwood scale

In addition, if you are at a young age, you do not want to get the surgery too early because hair transplants do not fix the underlying problem. Rather they are a cosmetic way to not deal with the problem. If you have a great deal of DHT in your body causing this extreme hair loss, then you are going to continue to experience the effects of DHT, you will just have your hair back causing it to take longer. Receding hairline or mature hairline is the first sign but if you want a full head of hair, thicker hair on your head top you should check your options. See Norwood Scale chart above to see different stages of hair loss.

Preventing Hair Transplants

Ideally, you would never need hair implants because you will not experience the amount of hair loss that makes it necessary to get the procedure done. But to do that you need to protect yourself early. You need to make sure that you start taking a natural supplement to prevent hair loss as soon as possible, so that you do not run the risk of experiencing massive amounts of hair loss and requiring hair transplant procedure as the only way to solve the problem.

Before you need surgical hair restoration, consider using an all natural supplements at the first sign of hair loss. If you start using  these remedies early enough, you will never have to cough up the thousands of pounds necessary to get the hair transplants completed.

You can do a lot to avoid hair restoration at a hair clinic. However, once you have a hair loss problem, a receding hairline or thin hair you will need to consult a hair surgeon, a specialist at a hair clinic and undergo an operation. With modern FUE method this is painless, scar-free and an affordable option in Budapest, Hungary.

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