Hair transplant risks

Getting a hair transplant is not as simple as just walking into a clinic and asking if you can have some hair put in your scalp. It is a complicated surgery that involves grafting, anesthesia, pain and, of course, risks.

So what are hair transplant risks and side-effects and how likely are they to affect whether or not you would be willing to get the surgery?

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What are the Hair Transplant Risks?

Different surgeries and surgeons carry their own inherent risks simply because it is a surgery, and any surgery carries natural, innate risks that cannot be avoided. However, there are a number of different hair transplant risks that are common amongst all surgeries for hair loss that involve putting new strands on your scalp.


The most common of all of the hair implants risks (and one that occurs in nearly every instance of getting the surgery) is scabbing of the scalp. The scabbing itself is not dangerous, but it is disgusting and hideous, and it can lead to other problems, such as:


One of the main problems that people have when they get hair loss surgery is that their head itches as though it is one giant mosquito bite. The itching can be so bad that it can feel painful. But the worst part is that you cannot scratch it, no matter what you do, because the new hairs that were implanted are still weak and may be pulled out if you scratch too much. You are bound to scratch it a little bit, but even if you do not, because there are so many open wounds you also risk:


Open cuts, scabs, etc., all can easily lead to infection. After surgery, most doctors (who of course are aware of the hair transplant risks) will give you some type of shampoo to help reduce the chances of infection, but it is still a strong possibility.

As you can see, there are a number of different risks when getting hair restoration that can occur in any kind of surgery that you may undertake. The best thing for you would be to avoid the surgery altogether, by treating your hair loss before it gets bad enough that surgery becomes necessary.

Good news for those still in need for hair transplantation. FUE method is less-evasive, painless and scar-free procedure. It is affordable if done abroad – Budapest, Hungary is a good choice as it has some really good hair clinics.

If you follow your hair surgeons post-operative instructions you will not have any significant hair problem and your hair transplant results will be just perfect!

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