Hair transplant surgery

When you have suffered from Dihydrotestosterone related hair loss for a long period of time, you may require hair transplant surgery as the only option for you to try to re-grow the majority of your hair.

Hair surgery is both a simple procedure and a complicated one. For starters, each hair gets individually removed from one part of your head. Then it is, essentially, poked into or pasted into another area of your scalp that does not have hair.

Hair transplant surgery FUE

Each hair during hair loss surgery is another poke, but in general, despite poking about 3,000 times, the surgery tends to end in less than 4 hours. The surgeons that perform the surgery have a great deal of expertise quickly and easily adding and removing the hairs, which they refer to as ‘grafts’ and placing them in their new spots.

Now, despite this, hair transplant surgery is still pretty painful. And even when they do a good job numbing your head, there is still a lot of bleeding and other issues that make the entire process extremely unpleasant. Hair restoration procedure, for that reason, is always a last resort, because you do not want to go through all of the aches and pains and costs.

And the costs are phenomenal. As mentioned earlier, the surgery requires about 3,000 hairs added to your scalp. Hair transplant surgery is charged by the hair – 4 to 5 dollars per hair. So the entire 4 hour surgery can cost 15,000 dollars, or the approximate cost of a brand new Kia. Not in Budapest, Hungary. You can save as much as 60% on local costs.

And when it is over, you are left with an incredibly itchy scalp as well as a number of scabs that, if ripped off your head, could cause your hair to get pulled out with them. Every hair you accidentally pull out is 5.00 you are essentially tossing down the drain.

Clearly hair implant surgery is not something you want to rush into. There are a number of people that need it, and that is understandable, but needing it should be something that does not happen until much later in life, preferably after you have exhausted all of your other options.

To avoid hair transplantation, start taking a supplement to prevent hair loss as soon as you notice that you are losing your hair. Supplements like Procerin are effective, safe and natural ways to make sure that you never reach the point where surgery becomes necessary.

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